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SpaceX and Blue Origin: Objective Moon

Since December 1972, no human has repressed the soil of the Moon. But in recent years, thanks to the rise of space tourism, the world is...

/ 11 May 2017

Blue Origin : 5th flight for New Shepard & In-flight Escape test success

Two success in one for Jeff Bezos Blue Origin’s with Oct. 5 in-flight escape test. The purpose of Wednesday’s test was only to try out the escape system...

/ 9 October 2016

Space tourism market analysis, August 2016

Space is more fascinating than ever as the idea of being able to explore it becomes more realistic. Many have once dreamt to become astronaut but...

/ 16 August 2016

Virgin Galactic granted licence to test its spaceship

Virgin Galactic is now allowed to test out its brand new SpaceShipTwo (VSS Unity) shuttle, as it has been granted its commercial operation license by FAA...

/ 6 August 2016

Blue Origin sends its New Shepard rocket … for the fourth time !

Last Sunday, we had the pleasure to watch the live broadcast of the latest Blue Origin test flight. Here is the link to review the live...

/ 20 June 2016