Since December 1972, no human has repressed the soil of the Moon. But in recent years, thanks to the rise of space tourism, the world is again dreaming, and is increasingly colonizing the Moon and even Mars. Moreover, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon recently announced that he wanted to accelerate the movement and explains:

“It’s time for the United States to return to the moon – but this time to stay. Permanent lunar implantation is a difficult but worthwhile goal. ”

Base lunaire -

The boss of Amazon would like to create a new service to deliver material in space thanks to its Blue Origin project and its New Shepard rocket. Initially, the service would deliver food and equipment on a regular basis to the ISS astronauts, the international station. The second time propels the craze much further. So far this time, we find ourselves delivering on the Moon.

The objective is simple, to deliver material and logistics necessary for a future colonization of our satellite. It will still require the support of the American space agency and the Trump administration to realize these ambitions but by 2020, Blue Origin could then accomplish its first mission with a lunar vessel with a landing gear named “Blue Moon” . The latter would be able to deliver 4.5 tons of equipment: medical, scientific tools and dwellings designed for the Moon.

Blue Moon -

What is interesting to note is the multiplication of these space projects in recent weeks since SpaceX also announced its intentions to send 2 tourists around the Moon for 2018. Not necessarily of competition to see between the 2 giants but rather a complementarity. Blue Origin is moving towards the transport of material and SpaceX in the transport of human beings. The problems are different and the 2 billionaires could perfectly agree to deliver material via Blue Origin and bring the men to the Moon via Space X.

The space agencies are already working on the subject, since in March 2016 Johann-Dietrich Wörner, the Director General of ESA, already indicated the directions to be taken for the years to come.

“I intend to build a permanent base on the Moon: it will be an open station for different participating states, countries from all over the world”

To be continued therefore, since the conquest of Mars is planned by Elon Musk for 2024, this first real-life test of colonization will be a first step for man in the field and a great step for space tourism.

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