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SpaceX and Blue Origin: Objective Moon

Since December 1972, no human has repressed the soil of the Moon. But in recent years, thanks to the rise of space tourism, the world is...

/ 11 May 2017
Dernière mission pour Cassini

Last mission for Cassini

With more than 3,5 billion kilometers traveled for 20 years, Cassini had successfully passed the tests, now the orbiter begins its last mission which will be,...

/ 26 April 2017

Blue Origin to launch crewed test flight within a year

The company founded by Jeff Bezos made history last year when it succeeded to land and reuse several times its New Sheperd rocket. Now it plans...

/ 15 March 2017

First private trip to the Moon by SpaceX

On Feb. 27th, SpaceX announced its plan to send 2 private citizens around the Moon by the end of 2018. Fly me to the moon …...

/ 2 March 2017

Blue Origin : 5th flight for New Shepard & In-flight Escape test success

Two success in one for Jeff Bezos Blue Origin’s with Oct. 5 in-flight escape test. The purpose of Wednesday’s test was only to try out the escape system...

/ 9 October 2016

What About Space X ?

On Sunday morning in Florida (5:26 am GMT), Space X repeated the exploit for the 6th time by getting back the first stage of its rocket...

/ 15 August 2016