Two success in one for Jeff Bezos Blue Origin’s with Oct. 5 in-flight escape test. The purpose of Wednesday’s test was only to try out the escape system of their New Shepard rocket, but they still manage to retrieve it for the fifth time !

The crew capsule, that will fit up to 5 “astro-tourists” on their way to the edge of outter space in order to experience 0G and observe the Earth for above, successfully extracted from New Shepard at 4900 meters about 45 seconds after take-off. Its own engine ignites in order to move away from the rocket in case of a failure in the take-off process, and therefore will save the crew.

Experience this event in slo-mo thanks to BO video :

But the biggest surprise of the test was that New Shepard’s trajectory has not been impacted by the thrust of its capsule, and therefore has been retrieved a fifth time by Blue Origin team. A first in the sub-orbital reusable rockets race. Jeff Bezos stated that she’ll go in a museum for eternity.

Here a video summary of the event :

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