Last Friday, after weeks of training, Thomas Pesquet, one of the most famous French ESA Astronaut, made his second spacewalk.

His mission, which lasted more than 6 hours, was aimed to repair the International Space Station (ISS). The astronauts had to fix the ISS’ radiator, had to maintain the Dextre multipurpose robotic hand (which is designed to handle cargos of food and supply for the Astronauts) and finally, they had to prepare the future installation of an International Docking Adapter that will allow commercial spacecrafts, scheduled in 2018 by SpaceX and Boeing, to link up with the space station.

And this time, our French Astronaut was the one to open the decompression cabin and was first to leave the space station, followed by the aircraft commander, Shane Kimbrough.

Click on the video bellow to enjoy the 25th March ‘s spacewalk ’live:

Next April, Thomas Pesquet will take a third spacewalk with the US Astronaut Peggy Whitson. Meanwhile, he will keep on working on advances technical experiences which enable science, medicine and research to progress.

As a latest example, Thomas studied how muscles behave while in weightlessness, which, as we all hope, might contribute to find cure to muscular diseases. He even worked to improve the setting of technologies with the purpose of recovering the waste circling around our blue planet.

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